The paperwork: part 2

In the beginning of the exam period, we got an email with a before leaving to do-list. The deregistrations and disenrollments are fortunately not time consuming, so they can be conducted even within days from departure.

Disenrollment from the university. This was done by filling an application and dropping it at the Express Services. I was unsure about some sections in the application, and was told to leave them for the personnel to fill.

Deregistration at the Residents‘ Registration Office. This can be done at the Office with a queue number or by e-mail, attaching both the application and a scan of your passport to the note. Since the application is in German, this translation is of use in filling the form.

Letter of confirmation. Only for Erasmus students. This paper verifies that you indeed studied where you were supposed to. The personnel at Express Services filled and signed it for me.

Erasmus language test, part two. The link to this compulsory test is sent by email, unless you got the highest skill level in the first test, in which case there will be no follow-up.

Change your address. Don’t forget to inform the post and the government about the change of location.

+ If you got a local health insurance, bank account or telephone subscription, do not forget to cancel them.

Leisure time in Mannheim

Tourist attractions

  • Schloss Mannheim – the baroque castle aka the University of Mannheim
  • Wasserturm – the old water tower and the surrounding park
  • Paradeplatz – a fountain in the centre
  • Marktplatz – the old town hall and a farmer’s market in the Turkish quarter
  • Luisenpark and the TV-tower

Events in the autumn semester

  • Wine festivals – especially the wine festival in a neighbouring town Bad Dürkheim provides much more than only drinks
  • Oktoberfest – starts long before October, so you have the opportunity to enjoy beer in many cities
  • Christmas – Germans take Christmas seriously. First Christmas delicacies arrive to grocery stores in October and in December, there will be Christmas markets and decorations everywhere.


  • Korean-approved Korean food at Soban. A large variety of other international restaurants: Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Indian…
  • Pizza and Döner-kebab everywhere
  • Pommes frites and currywurst at Big Pom or in the corner of Galeria Kaufhof at Paradeplatz.
  • Not an average café, Cafe Vienna, for an experience and excellent vegan food
  • Several grocery store chains (Aldi, Penny, Lidl, Rewe), organic stores (Bio, Alnatura) and special stores (Asian market at Galeria Kaufhof)


Mannheim covers a good selection of shopping opportunities over all price ranges, from Primark to Tesla. If something cannot be found in Mannheim, the closest store is probably located in Frankfurt.

It is worth noting that all shops including convenience stores are closed on Sundays. Food can be bought only at gas stations and at the railway station. Bakeries are usually open in the morning.


  • Nationaltheater Mannheim – only one of several locations in Mannheim that provides theater and other shows
  • Mannheim SAP Arena – a stadium for sports and concerts
  • Movies – in several cinemas, also in English


Partying is not my forte, but I attended a farewell party at Chaplin and have heard about weekly Latino parties at Baton Rouge. Before winter season, student organisations host parties twice a week in Schneckenhof, at the University.


  • Luisenpark
  • Herzogenriedpark
  • Waldpark Mannheim and Reissinsel
  • The banks of Rhein-river


  • The beautiful surroundings at the river banks and in the Waldpark inspired me to run rather than to sweat inside.
  • However, if you are interested in training at a gym, the university gym is cheaper than most of the others (but still pricey compared to UniSport back in Finland). Heads up for other gym memberships: contracts starting from 6 months and ranging up to 2 years seem to be common, so definitely read the fine print before signing.
  • The University of Mannheim has also other kinds of activities from sports teams to group workouts. If you are used to the quality group lessons of UniSport in Finland, you will be gravely disappointed, though.


Besides sports, there are several other possibilities to meet new people and get together. VISUM organises evenings for relaxed language training (Cafe lingua), weekly get-togethers (Stammtisch), parties and trips. Other student organisations arrange for example movie screenings or socialising over dinner.


You absolutely cannot leave Mannheim before seeing the Schloss museum located at the heart of the University. It is gorgeous. There are plenty of other museums, too: Technoseum (technology museum), Planetarium, Kunsthalle (art), Reiss-Engelhorn-museum…


There is a church in every quarter, or so does it feel. There should be one for every orientation, including a mosque. Some churches are worth visiting for the looks alone, for example Jesuitenkirche near the university.