Week 48 – We did a thing!

As in the previous blog post told. The new week started by the rehearsal pitches on Monday (More on that in the previous blog post). After the rehearsal presentation the team focused on the things that were due this week. These things were: 1. the final report, 2. finishing the website (our demo) and 3. modifying the poster based on the feedback.

Team meeting

We started working on these things first individually on Monday and Tuesday. After that on Wednesday we had our weekly team meeting. In the meeting we discussed, this week’s agenda, which is written above. Again it was nice to see that we all were able to attend even though the week was quite hectic, because of Slush, Junction and such things.

So in the meeting we first started with the website, since the website is going to be our demo, since it is more suitable for us than a introduction video. First we discussed little of the content and decided, which of the things from the original idea we want add to the website and which of the things should be removed from there. When all things were clear Filip further modified the website. The website can be now seen here (as promised in the previous blog post). Concerning the website also a short promo video was done. This can be found from the website but also from here.

Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.30.30
Sneak peek of the website.
Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.30.01
Sneak peek of the promo video.

When the website and the content was discussed we moved on to consider the poster for the Grande Final. Based on the feedback we got from our draft version for the poster we started on modifying the poster in anyways necessary. Our main goals for the modification were to make the poster more clear, so friendlier for the viewer, and also we wanted to make it more informative. In order to obtain these of our goals we added more contrast by adding more colors to the poster and also added more content there, by stating the collaborating companies and further by telling more of the course itself. In the figure below you can see how our poster was modified from our original draft version to the final version, which will be used in the grande final on next Friday.

Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.34.20
Original draft of the poster.
Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.38.16

Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.33.17
Final version of the poster for Grande Final.

Finally we focused on finishing the final report, which was the most important thing to work on. We all had already written draft versions of the three main sections of the report. Therefore, now we combined these sections to a full final report and added an introduction and closing words to the report. However, since all had focused on a single section there was some things multiple times and also the whole report had to be made more coherent. In order to achieve these goals we decided that all will go through the report in their own time and then we can discuss possible improvements via telegram for instance.

When all these three main things were discussed we decided to call it a day and moved on to our other responsibilities. Again having a weekly meeting was very useful for us and it ensured that we are all in the same page concerning the final report and further the future of the whole project and the course. In addition, it was nice to hear what everyone has been up to lately.

Rest of the week

During the rest of the week we all improved the report in anyways we found it necessary to make it as coherent and comprehensive as possible. Similarly the website and the poster were finished by Filip. All in all the end of the week was not as hectic as one could have first thought, for instance the report was finished way before the deadline. However, just before submitting, some final changes wanted to be done and some little problems were with the submitting. Therefore, the returning went to the final seconds (as always).

Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 13.18.35
Last minutes before the deadline in our telegram chat.

Future of the project 

The project is almost finished and the only thing left to be done is the Grande Final, where our idea will be pitched the last time and we will have a stand where we can present our concept more thoroughly for people. In the final week of the course we will probably have a final team meeting where we will discuss the final presentation and more about the grande final stand, such as what we want to have in our stand.

Now that the final week has already started, we can already say that many things have been learned through out the course, but still its nice to soon be able to go for a Christmas holiday!

So until next time (the last time probably, because next time will be the last blog post probably)!!

Näyttökuva 2017-12-4 kello 12.24.19

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