Week 48 – Rehearsal pitch for the grande final

On Monday a new week started and it was time for each of the groups to give their rehearsal pitches that will be finally presented in the grande final on 8.12. As in the previous blog posts it was written Petra and Santeri held the presentation of our group.

IMAGE 2017-11-27 21:11:02
Santeri and Petra pitching our service for the other students and assistants in the course.

In the event we had the opportunity to listen to a lot of different interesting pitches and also to hear on what kind of problems other groups had been working on and further what kind of solutions they had came up with. All in all we heard a lot of interesting and at the same very good and informative presentations, which were mostly very well rehearsed.

Here you can see the pitch Petra and Santeri presented. Unfortunately, there were some little technical difficulties, since the video stopped recording for about 15 seconds (for some reason). However, hopefully nothing crucial was missed during that time. The video can be seen on youtube via this link, since the quality of the video would had to be decreased significantly in order to post a video here and also mp4 file was not supported by this platform.

Mainly this blog post was written in order to get feedback from the rehearsal presentation. With the feedback we are able to improve the presentation for the grande final (so thanks in advance). The video was aimed to record in a way that for the viewer it is possible to also evaluate the slides. However, the slides can be also found here.

More comprehensive blog post about what our team will do/did in week 48 will be posted here later in the week. But shortly, during this week the team’s agenda consists mostly on finishing different parts of the course, such as final report, website, poster and a promo video, which will be posted in the website.

Until next time and thanks for the feedback!

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