Week 47 – The end is near

On Wednesday it was time for our weekly team meeting. In this weeks meeting the agenda was the following. First to discuss the situation of the final report and further discuss some deadlines for the different parts of the report. Then start working on the presentation in the grande final and also discuss some other things concerning the grande final. Then finally we checked what is the situation with the website and what needs to be still worked on with that and also with other things concerning the project.

So in the beginning we discussed the final report, which is due on 3.12. (Based on the latest information =) ). As in the previous blog post we told we had already divided the areas of responsibilities concerning the final report (Erika and Lauri are responsible for the starting point, Elin and Santeri for the prototype and Petra and Tuukka for the validation part). It was a really good idea to divide the areas well beforehand, because at this time many of us were already started working on the report many different questions and ideas had arisen which we needed to discuss and decide as a group. So in this meeting we first focused on discussing these things and further planned the actual content of the final report.

Career catapult -team discussing the content of the final report.

When all the questions were answered and different ideas were discussed, we decided deadlines when all the three main parts should be ready. We decided that a sufficient deadline for all the parts could be on Sunday at midnight. This makes it possible for us to later combine the different parts for a final report and further make the report more coherent. At the same time we should have enough time to read and improve the whole report and maybe remove some stuff if things have been repeated twice in different sections.

After we had discussed the situation of our final report and other things concerned the final report, we moved on to plan the near future, the final presentation and more precisely the rehearsal of the final presentation. Since three minutes is very short time we will try to keep the presentation as precise as possible. Therefore, we discussed the content together and more thoroughly planned the content of our presentation. Based on our discussion Lauri, who was responsible for the presentations, made a final prezi that will be used in the final presentation to make it easier for the audience to follow the presentation. Furthermore, we also discussed who will be presenting our concept. Fast we came into conclusion that Petra and Santeri will be presenting.

Näyttökuva 2017-11-23 kello 0.32.21
Sneak peek of the final presentation.

Concerning the grande final also other aspects were discussed. Even though the presentation will be a big part of the grande final, we also need to consider our stand in the event. For this purpose a poster will be made as in the previous poster presented. However, also other aspects must be considered, since the poster will probably be somewhat abstract (as our group assistant Sofia said). We discussed many different ways to make it possible to understand our concept better in the event. These ideas were such as a big screen, where there would be information on the course concept. However, we probably are not able to do this, because we are not able to transport a big screen to Dipoli. In the end we came into conclusion that we will at least have multiple laptops there, where information on the course is shown. Let’s see if we came up with some other ideas!

On top of the previously covered aspects we also discussed briefly the situation of our website. During the previous week Filip had done an amazing job when making a website for us. The website looks great and it will be posted here probably in the next blog post when there will probably be more actual content. Concerning the webpage and the content Petra will work on a short promo video on the course. The video will be updated there for possible customers to see when it is finished. The other content for the web page will be worked on the next week. However, most of the content can be found from our blog posts already. Therefore, updating the content should not take long for us.

In addition, in the previous blog post we told that we will be doing a final survey to see what student think of our service. On Wednesday little less than thirty students had already answered to the survey and the results were really good. However, we decided that the survey will still be posted until Friday so that we can get more results and in this occasion the results would be more comprehensive. Also we are not in a big hurry concerning those results, because based on our current plan the results will be analyzed on Friday and during the weekend.

Concerning the next week the six of us who are mostly responsible for the report will focus on working on the final report, whereas Filip is responsible for the webpage and modifying the poster for the grande final. In addition to the weekly team meeting, most of us worked together with the other responsible partner concerning the assigned part of the report. At the same time Santeri and Petra will practice for the rehearsal of the final presentation that will be held on next Monday. In addition, Santeri will also send an email to aTalent to thank the representative of aTalent for such a great workshop she held and further share the feedback we got to her.

All in all everything is again in good order. Even though we did not have much to discuss this week it is always nice to meet as a whole group together. This way we are sure that we are all in the same page concerning the project. Furthermore, discussing different things is always easier if we are in a same room. In addition, to the actual project is always fun to catch up with what other group members have been doing in for instance in their free time (if someone has some real free time =) )

Until next week!

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