Week 46 – Time to keep the workshop!

Again it was a new week for the team Career catapult. This week’s agenda was the following: Firstly, to carry out the example workshop with aTalent on Wednesday. Secondly, to held a team meeting, where we make a final survey as discussed in the previous post to see whether the second and third year technology student like our final service. In addition, in the team meeting we have to divide some responsibilities regarding the remaining duties.


So our first task was to held a workshop on Wednesday. During the weekend we had managed to get four participants as was our goal. Out of these four participants two where studying industrial engineering and management and two engineering physics and mathematics. This was great, since this way we had some diversity in the group and we would get feedback from different kinds of students with varying goals for their careers.

IMAGE 2017-11-16 15:25:22
Representative from aTalent teaching the participants.

Preparing for the workshop was started early and we had very few responsibilities in the actual workshop, since the representative from aTalent would mainly held the workshop. Our only responsibility was to get the participants (which we had already done). However, we wanted to make a short video for our web page of the example workshop and wanted to get some feedback. For this purpose we interviewed the participants after the workshop and also took some videos using a camera Petra had rented from Aalto studios.

The whole workshop went very well. First the representative had an introduction lecture for the participants, after which individual interview and coaching sessions were held as planned. Because of the interest of the representative and the interest of the participants the workshop took slightly longer than planned (The introduction lecture took almost 45 minutes, while it was supposed to take 20 minutes =) ). However, this was not a problem for anybody.

The participants for our workshop were very happy with the possibility to get some one-on-one coaching and interview practice. At the same time the representative from aTalent was very interested in our concept and even asked if they could maybe use it in the future, since they would like to do something like this to connect companies and student. This was great to hear, since it was also one of our main goals. In other words, our concept is very promising if an recruiting company is such interested in it. (GREAT!!!)

IMAGE 2017-11-16 15:25:23
Agenda of the workshop.

Furthermore, we also got some more precise feedback by interviewing the participants after the session (one at a time). The main points were the following:

  • Was very useful and liked that we had managed to get a professional to keep the interview session
  • Better that this is not done online, since doing interview face to face is a completely different situation compared to traditional interview session (something the representative from aTalent also said)
  • All would recommend for their friends, especially to those friends who have not been in many interviews
  • Marketing is essential, since many would not be interested if the marketing is only done by sending some emails to possible customers
  • For all the participants the example interview session offered some new things to consider before going to an interview
  • All of the participants would come again for this kind of session. However, some suggested that there could be varying themes for different workshops as we had thought

All in all, the practice workshop went better than expected. The feedback we got was very positive and it really showed us that student are interested in this kind of service. In addition, the feedback from aTalent will keep us motivated for the end of the project and showed that we have the right direction.

Team meeting

After the workshop, we held our weekly team meeting. Again it was nice to see that all of us were able to attend, even though we all have a lot of other responsibilities to deal with.

In the beginning of our meeting we discussed the feedback we got from the participants and the representative from aTalent. After that we started focusing on the final survey, which will be posted during this week so we could analyze the results in the beginning of the next week. This survey would be our final way to evaluate our course to match the needs of the students. Therefore, the survey would basically only present our planned service and further ask opinions about the service, such as do they think this kind of service is useful, how often this kind of event should be held and should the event be held during weekend or weekdays.

After the content of the workshop was decided we moved on to divide tasks concerning the final report and the visuals for the poster. As previously discussed Filip is mainly responsible for the web page. At the same time he has some experience doing posters using different apps/softwares so he will modify our prezi presentation to a poster format. The rest of us will focus on the final report. We divided the responsibilities as followed:

  • Starting point: Erika & Lauri
  • Prototype: Elin & Santeri
  • Validation: Petra & Tuukka

This was all we had to work on during this week. Next week we will analyze the result of the final survey, work on the final presentation and further work on the final report. All in all, the project has gone well and we have made good iterations on our way to our final concept. This has been possible by doing different surveys and then modifying the concept based on the feedback we have gotten. Furthermore, the feedback we have gotten has been better than expected (from both students and companies). This motivates us for the rest three weeks of the project (and maybe even further, who knows)

Until next time!!

PS. During the weekend some of us were able to work on the project. Here is the preliminary version of the poster Filip made for the grande final.

Näyttökuva 2017-11-19 kello 20.15.26
Preliminary version of our poster for the grande final. Here you can upload it: career_catapult_poster_v1

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