Week 45 – 3 x Meeting

In this weeks agenda we had mostly different types of meetings and planning the future of our project. First on Monday we had a meeting with our group’s assistant Sofia, then on Thursday we met with aTalent and finally on Friday we had our team meeting.

The meeting with Sofia was held in T-building, luckily we all managed to find the right place.

Meeting with assistant

The week started by meeting our group assistant Sofia on Monday. In the meeting we discussed things such as what we think about to course in general and how our project has started. In our team, all the team members had similar opinions. The information about the course could be slightly improved by, for instance, posting the “weekly exercises” earlier so the team members could have more time to prepare for the weekly assignments. Other than that for our team the project has went very well and we all were happy how everyone has made their tasks. We hope that everything will go as smoothly in the future as during the first few months of the project.

Meeting with aTalent

On Thursday 9.11 it was time for us to meet with aTalent. The meeting was held in Kamppi in aTalent’s office and from our group Petra, Lauri and Tuukka were there to meet with the representative of aTalent. The meeting’s agenda was the following: First we explained the situation of our project, introduced ourselves and explained what the whole Sci project -course is about. Then after that we discussed the possibilities for the interview workshop and finally arranged a more specific time for the workshop and came into agreement for the practicalities in the workshop.

IMAGE 2017-11-10 16:07:34
The meeting with aTalent was held in aTalent’s office high above the ground (12th floor)

So first we told what the course (Sci project -course) is all about, who we are and where the project is going. This was quickly done after which we were able to focus on the important stuff, what to include in the example workshop. After brief discussion, we came into conclusion that the best way to arrange the workshop is to first have a quick introduction lecture, then a quick break and then some individual interview sessions.

The introduction lecture would consists of things that companies usually want for the applicants they are interviewing. In addition to that, the introduction lecture quickly teaches how to sell the own skillset in a right way. After this we decided that it is reasonable to have a quick break during which the participants in the workshop could think of those things they have just learned in the introduction lecture. After the break is over some one-on-one practice interview sessions could be held. During these sessions the interviewer (from aTalent) could ask some questions companies usually ask in interviews. This simulates a normal interview session and the participants could use the skills they have just learned in the introduction lecture. After this brief interview session the interviewer could give some feedback and further coach the applicant in any ways necessary.

We decided that the whole workshop should take at most 2 hours. First the introduction lecture could take 20 minutes after which there would be a break for 20 minutes. After these there would therefore be 1 hour and 20 minutes left, which can be used to held the actual interview sessions. These interview sessions would take 20 minutes each. During the sessions first 10 minutes will be done to interview the participant and last 10 minutes to give some feedback and tips as previously stated. Therefore, altogether 4 different interviews could be held so we need four volunteers to participate.

Timetable of the example workshop.

To implement such a workshop we had to further plan the practicalities in the workshop. First we decided that the practice workshop will be held next Wednesday (15.11) at 14-16 as we had planned in our previous blog posts. The workshop will be held somewhere in the main building and we are responsible to reserve a sufficient place for the workshop as well as to get the participants for the workshop. However, the content for the workshop and the interviews will be organized by aTalent. In addition, the person from aTalent organizing the interview sessions told us that it would be great if we could send the CV:s of the participants and their hopes for future careers beforehand to her so she could coach the participants more personally.

All in all the meeting with aTalent went better than expected and we believe that the practice workshop is highly beneficial not only for us but also to those who will be participating the workshop, since they will gain some one-on-one advices on their future interviews and further to their future careers.

Team meeting

On Friday it was time for our weekly team meeting. Again it was nice to see that almost all of us were able to participate to the meeting, since only Elin was unable to participate due to other mandatory occasion. The agenda of our team meeting was the following. First we discussed the things we talked with aTalent and then we further planned the future of our project and divided tasks for each member of our team.

So in the beginning Petra, Lauri and Tuukka presented the main points of the meeting with aTalent. The whole team was very happy how in a great shape everything is with the example workshop. Then we decided that all of us will try to get some friends to attend the practice workshop. Our goal is to get second year technology student form Aalto, so that not all of them will come from the same program. For us it would be great if, for instance, we would get two who are studying Industrial engineering and management and two who are studying Engineering physics and mathematics. Let’s see who we get! After the workshop we will ask some feedback from the participants and the representative of aTalent. Based on this feedback of the example workshop we will do some final iterations for our course.

IMAGE 2017-11-10 16:07:02
Santeri writing.

IMAGE 2017-11-10 16:07:00
Santeri thinking.

Since the meeting with aTalent had went so well, we did not have much else to discuss about the workshop on next Wednesday. Therefore, we started to focus more on the future. In the near future the biggest things we need to do is to write the report, make the web page and start planning the final presentation. Unfortunately, there was little information on Mycourses about the final presentation and the poster for the final presentation so we focused on the other stuff.

First we focused on the web page. We discussed mostly what the web page should have. The main things the web page should have are:  What we offer for companies, participants and partners and how the participants can apply for the event. Furthermore, the web page could present some main collaborating companies, have a gallery and also include an example video of the event (for instance from the practice workshop). After that we prepared some questions in order to get some feedback from aTalent and the participants of our example workshop.

When all the things were discussed, we decided that Filip will start to work on the web page, while the others will focus on the example workshop on Wednesday, writing blog posts and most importantly writing the final report. In addition, we discussed that in the end we will do a final survey to see what students think of our service. All in all the week was productive for us and we managed to make a lot of things concerning the project.

Until next time!!

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