Week 44 – Team meeting on Tuesday 31.10.

As the new period began, our team met again to discuss the status of the project and brainstrom the iterations further. Almost the whole team was at the meeting, so we felt it was important to use a minute or two to recap our situation. We then worked on our third iteration, discussed the presentation that was to be held on Friday, and talked about the other part of the weekly assignment (which Tuukka has written a great blog post about).

The meeting with Janne Halme last week was a success, he had many ideas on how we could improve and alter the course and what we should take into account in the next iterations. Futurice gave us also some good comments, and aTalent has agreed to cooperate with us which is very exciting! Coachilla replied to us as well and they too are interested in working with us. In addition, we set up a meeting with our course assistant Sofia for Monday 6.11.


In this blog post I will discuss

  1. The third iteration and how we got there
  2. Our plan for future iteration(s)
  3. Our goals for the latter half of this course


1. The third iteration and how we got there 

When we reviewed the comments we got from Jori at Futurice and Janne at the meeting, it got us thinking about the content of the course in more detail. In Janne’s opinion for example the excel workshop seemed a bit pointless, and lot of the content could be implemented online. Some practices during the course could and should be done online, but we felt that it shouldn’t be the focus of the course as in our case building your network and learning from others is such a big part of the event. We did decide to drop the excel workshop (and actually all of the three modules) and make that part of the course more company-oriented.

Jori from Futurice commented about the size of the course, time frame and the networking aspect of the course. Even though Jori had a good point about a bigger group (around 70 people) being more interesting to a company, we felt like the networking would suffer too much. It’s much more valuable to the participants if they are in a smaller group and everyone actually get’s to talk to company representatives and each other. However, the fact about weekends being difficult to companies is very true. We had differing opinions within our group about whether weekends are better for students or not. We decided to ask our possible participants, as their opinions is what matters the most.

Jori also pointed out that a one day workshop would be easier for companies. If the course was only for one day, it would be quite similar to guild excursions and lose it’s “boot camp” feeling. We started thinking about the content of our course more critically, and came up with a time frame and day schedule based on the feedback. We also took into account the interest from aTalent and Coachilla and included them in our iteration. We built the new plans so that it would be more clear as to when the company representatives should be present and which content they would come up with.

IMG_20171031_122600 IMG_20171031_122609

We also asked Coachilla if they wanted to be our partners during the course – they could be responsible for the one-on-one coaching and offer their services with a discounted price to the students participating the course. They liked the idea and the reply was positive!

Our third iteartion can be seen in this prezi, which was also presented on Firday:


2. Our plan for future iteration(s)

We plan to do one more iteration of the course during the rest of the course. We will ask for some feedback about the timing and other aspects of the course from possible participants, e.g. second year students. We will show them our wireframe and ask for comments.

ATalent agreed to hold one workshop with us for testing purposes, which is really exciting! We set a date for the test workshop, Wednesday 15.11. We will meet with aTalent on Thursday 9.11. to discuss about the details of the workshop. Having a company from the same field be interested in us definitely gives us motivation to develop the course further!

We will gather feedback from the students participating in the test workshop and use that information together with the more general comments to compile the fourth (and final) iteration of the course.

3. Goal for the latter half of the course

This course has been a great learning experience so far, even though it’s only halfway. We’ve noticed how important it is to listen to our stakeholders and to be flexible but also to keep our initial goals in mind and not alter everything based on comments. Our theme is such a current issue and it has been great to see how interested companies are in our idea. Our aim is to provide some added value to our stakeholders, the best case scenario being a course plan ready for implementation for aTalent.

As a more concrete goal for the rest of the course, we need to develop our demo so that we have something to present in the grand final. We have been thinking about gathering all the information about the course on a website, which would have all the information and instructions on how to apply. We have also discussed compiling a video for marketing purposes.


photo_2017-11-05_15-22-12To stay focused on our goals, some of our team members went to the TalentIT convention held in Otaniemi on Thursday. Let’s just say that it was an excellent opportunity to check out our competition. 😉

Until next time!

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