Week 43 – Results of 1st iteration and plan for 2nd

Results of the first iteration

Recently, we have asked for quite a lot of feedback from students and graduates, different companies such as Relex, aTalent and Coachilla, and our supervisor Janne. Based on the feedback, we have made some modifications for the second iteration of our idea. Below is a list of the different things that were suggested, and what modifications we will do based on these suggestions.

The very first survey:

  • Many people feel that lack of relevant work experience is a big problem, so our course focuses on helping people with applying for jobs, because after you get the first job in your field, it is easier getting the next
  • The intensive weekend format was more popular than a longer version, so we stick with the weekend course
  • Most people would be willing to pay a small amount of money for the course, if it is good. Having a small fee (20 e) could single out the more motivated students
  • Interview practice and CV/application workshop were the most popular parts of the course, so these are must-have parts of the course


  • Instead of graduates, we will target 2nd and 3rd year students. It is good to start learning about job searching early on. This kind of mentality does not yet exist among engineering students.
  • Specific groups of people could be chosen from the applicants each time the course is arranged. For example, only computer science students could be chosen. In this way, it would be easier to market the course for relevant companies.


  • Workshop we have planned to make could also be somehow made through the internet; people could film their answers and other participants could give feedback.
    • This is now our plan B in case we don’t manage to organize the interview practice with aTalent
  • In CV and application workshop, you have to take into account the culture and where you are sending the email
  • Removing the excel workshop and instead focusing on what someone is lacking, and then give the person some advice on where they can learn these things (in studies or outside the studies)


  • 1-on-1 coaching iterated to be with a career coach from some coaching company, and if the participants get interested, they will be directed to the services of the company. In this way, the career coaching company would sponsor us and they could potentially get new customers from the course.
  • Open meeting day for customers to get to know the staff and lower the threshold for applying. They can test some workshop or just come to ask questions about the course (for example which field of companies would be suitable for them).
  • Ask from Aalto if it would be possible to apply for reimbursement from Aalto for the 20 euros fee (get it back after the course). This would lower the threshold of attending the course, but still the most unmotivated people would not necessarily bother to go through the trouble

User testing:

  • The comments for our wire-frame were mostly positive, and different people had interest in different parts of the course. This can be interpreted so that overall students find the content of the course mostly relevant.

In summary, we managed to get lots of good advice, and we iterated our idea accordingly. However, implementation of user testing with something more concrete than just a Prezi presentation is still under process.

Second iteration – goals and plan

Goals for the second iteration:

  • Implementing a part of the course in practice and making modifications based on the feedback
  • Specifying course details even further

Plan for the second iteration:

    • Implementing interview practice and getting feedback from it
      • Plan A: Collaboration with aTalent. aTalent seemed enthusiastic about our idea, and we are in the process of trying to negotiate a suitable time for the interview practice session. Within our group, we had agreed to try to arrange the workshop on 15.11. at 14-16, but we will have to see if we can actually make it happen. We will have to go with whatever time works for aTalent.
      • Plan B: If plan A fails, we can arrange the interview practice session as an online version, where students post videos on the internet and others can give comments. Implementation of this should begin right after we get an answer from aTalent.
    • Continuing to iterate and specify the course details based on feedback
      • For example, we still have feedback from SEB and Futurice that needs to be considered
    • Our next iteration should be ready at the end of week 46

Until next time!

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