Week 43 – Meeting Janne and the snow

IMG_2426On Thursday after our weekly meeting it was time to meet our group’s advisor Janne. In the meeting Santeri and Tuukka of our group presented Janne our plans (Santeri presented and Tuukka took some notes) about the project and further the results of the surveys, which the group had made.

The meeting went great. Janne had many ideas concerning our plans for the course, which will surely benefit us in the future. Here are the main ideas, how the course could maybe be modified:

  1. Removing the excel workshop => rather focusing on stuff what someone is lacking and give the person some advices where he/she can learn these things (in studies or outside the studies)
  2. Interview workshop => 1. idea: Possibility to change to video interview type of thing, where one can answer to questions first and other can give feedback (anonymously). 2. idea: In the beginning (before the event) video interview and in the end proper interview, so there is more practice
  3. Career coaching => could also be life coaching (basic things in life like health, balance, happiness) and maybe even be online, first steps for someone who wants take part in this type of coaching
  4. CV and application workshop => have take into account culture and where you are sending the email

And here, some other points, which were discussed in the meeting:

  1. More or less the course could focus more to benefit the possibilities of internet
  2. Have to be cheap enough to apply, but needs to cost enough that those who apply also participate, since it would be awkward if people are chosen to the event but do not attend
  3. Could ask if for instance career services have similar results as we have from our research
  4. The workshop we have planned to test could also be somehow made through internet, people could film their answers and other participants could give feedback

Overall, we think that the meeting was very helpful for us (and maybe even for Janne). Janne had some great ideas, which we will surely consider in our future iteration phases. Especially, the meeting widened our perspective for the course, by increasing the number of possibilities. Furthermore, we got confirmation for some of our choices and also ideas why some parts of the course must be modified to get the best possible outcome.

Until next time!

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