Friday 29.9.2017 – Let’s do this

Less than 24 hours since the team members last met, we had again gathered around to continue on working the project. However, this time we were not alone, since both the group’s advisor Janne and assistant Sofia where there to help and to share their ideas with the group. The meeting’s agenda was the following. In the beginning we had to structure the thoughts and ideas came up with in and after the previous meeting (the ideas can be seen in the previous post). After that we should start to plan the first presentation, which were to held on the next Monday.IMG_2368

It all started slowly. We could say that 10 am. was still a little too early for some of us. However, after the rocky start the team started to work like a charm. We started to work through the meeting’s agenda and quickly we had already structured our thoughts about the possible ideas. At the same time our advisor Janne participated in the conversation creating new point of views, which helped us to broaden our perspectives. In addition, Janne told us about a company called Coachilla, which provides coaching, in order to help the customers to achieve “meaningful lives and careers” as they write in their website. The information this company has can be beneficial for us. The future shows if there is some cooperation between them and us.

Näyttökuva 2017-09-30 kello 18.32.15
Coachilla’s mission.
Näyttökuva 2017-09-30 kello 18.32.01
Coachilla’s logo


After a working for a while, we had already narrowed the number of preliminary solutions to only a few left. Eventually, our preliminary idea was to create a service that could benefit both the applicants, especially students, but also the companies searching for right people for the job. The idea is to create a course or an event, which provides both tips and guiding for the applicants, but at the same time the applicants could have a possibility to show their skills working on some cases provided by the companies. Also during the course/event there would be representatives from some companies, which allows the applicants to make contacts but at the same time the companies could meet and chat with the possible future employees.

Näyttökuva 2017-10-01 kello 22.25.59
Sneek peak of the presentation slides.

After the preliminary idea was constructed we started to work on the presentation, since it was due on Monday. First we discussed the structure of the presentation as a group after which Petra and Santeri started to plan the presentation more deeply, while the rest of the group discussed the future of our project. While thinking about the future of the project we came up with some pretty good ideas. For instance we thought that we should probably collect some data from fellow students about what they find is beneficial when finding a proper job, for instance, by using google forms, and also we should make research related to the possible competitors of our product. These thing will be further discussed in the next independent team meeting, which is held on monday after the team presentations.

Overall it could be said the team is in the right path, still there is a lot of things to be considered before the final product/service is clear. We will be much smarter after the next meeting or at least after our research is done. Until next time!


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