Team member introduction

As the aim of this course is to have students from various fields working together, our team is also multidisciplinary. It so happens that we are all third year students here at Aalto. Without further ado we’d like to introduce ourselves to give you a better understanding of this team’s composition.

  • Major: Mathematics and Systems Sciences
    • Petra Huttunen
    • Lauri Nyman
    • Filip Stenbacka
    • Tuukka Stewen
  • Major: Industrial Engineering and Management
    • Santeri Hietanen
    • Erika Ojanperä
  • Major: Engineering Physics
    • Elin Nyman

If you are in a need to gaze upon our beautiful faces, you are welcome to click the ‘Team’ link in the header menu.

Our motives were aligned when we chose “Career catapult” as our topic, since applying for a suitable job concerns us all at some point of our studies. Finding a job after graduation can sometimes be difficult, time consuming and frustrating. Therefore, we are interested in creating a more structured and efficient way of boosting a student’s career. We believe that a “career catapult” could not only be beneficial for our group members but also a lot of other students who desire an easier way of finding their dream job after graduation.

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