First Friday lecture, 22.9.2017

Last Friday, at the first lecture of the course, everybody got to meet their team members for the first time. As it turns out, some of us were already friends or acquaintances, but there were also many first time encounters between the members of our team. We swiftly chose English as our main language of communication, alongside emojis and Telegram stickers.

The goal at this lecture was to reflect on the topic as a group for the first time. Questions were asked, statistics gathered, team members counts increased, Telegram chats created, Drive folders established, money distributed and ideas pitched. All in all we had a great first lecture.

An extensive portion of the lecture was spent pitching ideas, both good and bad, to other teams with other topics, while they pitched ideas to us concerning our topic. We wrote “How to get your dream job?” on a piece of paper, together with our initial ideas regarding said question, and catapulted it to the group next to us. After a while our beloved paper found its way back to us full of, to our tremendous surprise, actual good ideas. Of course you could find a few bad ones amongst the clutter as well, many of which involving Donald Trump and his policies.

The combined thought capacity of around 50 people managed to come up with the following ideas to our initial question “How to get your dream job?”.’

  • Stand out amongst the crowd.
    • Have an awesome CV. Includes having a good education, relevant work experience and considerable extra curriculum activities. Knowing several languages is also a plus.
    • Good first impression at interviews. Could be achieved through practice interviews.
  • Concrete proof of one’s skillset, for example a portfolio. Demonstrating various skills can also be done at competitions.
  • Networking to get contacts at different companies etc.
  • Imagination and creative solutions. Thinking outside the box.
  • Internships and entrepreneurships.

Idea paper

This is where we’ll start off at our next get-together, which will be the lecture on Monday. Only some of us will be able to attend the Monday lectures this period, but at least we were able to mutually decide a time to meet outside the lectures, more specifically on Thursdays.

We’ll keep you posted as often as possible. Until next time.

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