Week 46

Martti dropped the course so from now on I will be writing these diaries myself. – Kyösti


This week most of my focus was on exercise 3. I had a really hard time finding an answer for the bitter almond oil question, but I think I might have managed to figure out at least some kind of solution.

I think it would be beneficial to have an exercise session where we go through these exercises so you can understand what was the correct answer and why.


Which do you think developed first, the vertebrate eye or the coleoid cephalopod’s eye? – Kyösti

In theory, could a human’s eye be replaced with a cephalopod’s eye?

It was really interesting to learn how similar eyes humans and octopus have. But I still didn’t quite understand why they have developed different kinds of laminar structures?


I’m currently writing a paper on EEG based authentication. I wonder if EEG could be used to control prostheses?