Week 44

Martti Ranta & Kyösti Alkio

Learning Diary 7.11.2021

  • Write your thoughts about the lectures, exercises and laboratory visits.

The exercise was helpful for finally understanding the structure and parts of the brain. It was surprisingly difficult to find material on the frontal lobe (on which I wrote the longer text on) as the book doesn’t discuss it very deeply. I’m wondering how well we should study these for the exam if it isn’t covered in the book that well? – Kyösti

The excursion to BABA center was informative. It’s helpful to see concrete examples on what the topics learned on this course are actually used for. – Kyösti

I liked the exercise where you could freely choose a structure of the brain and explain it. It had a nice amount of freedom to it. But the one where you should have written down over 200 parts of the brain would have required a ridiculous amount of work so I skipped it. I also didn’t attend the lecture this week so I don’t know how that was. -Martti

  • Present questions you would like to ask from the experts.

As “everything influences everything”, how are the effects of medicine measured as they can have so many cascading effects? -Kyösti & Martti

  • Make observations, and introduce new ideas that are based on what you learned.

Interesting to learn how the brain and CNS works together with ANS. – Kyösti

I think learning about the brain is fun, but the terminology is very difficult. It’s understandable, but it’s hard to know where a structure is when you have to use stuff like “lateral” and “ventral” and not just “near the nose”, for example. -Martti

  • Tell how what you learned is related to what you already know.

I already knew that the hippocampus has a role in memory (I did the exercise about hippocampus), I just didn’t know what the role is exactly and that there are two of them in a brain. -Martti

  • Discuss conflicts with what you already knew, and possible problems in the learning experience.

I think the last exercise was a little problematic, the one where you had to write over 200 parts of the brain. It’s excessive, in my opinion, and I simply didn’t have time for it. Other than that, this week was fine. -Martti

  • Ask the ‘so what?’ question: Why is this important, and can I apply it somehow?

I think this (for example knowing brain terminology) is important for later studies. It’s difficult to study the brain in detail if you don’t have the basic terminology down. -Martti