Tenth week

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This week’s lecture we got to hear about the topic ”Wiring the Brain”. The brain consists of lots of neural connections in the brain, and this comprehensive map is called connectome. The neural development starts with cell proliferation, thereafter comes cell migrations and finally cell differentiation. An interesting thing that we learned is that the cortex develops “inside-out”, which means that layer VI differentiates before layer V that differentiates before layer VI and so on. The pathways are then formed in three phases: Firstly, the axon must choose the correct path. Secondly, the axon must choose the correct structure to innervate, and lastly, the axon must choose the correct cell to synapse with.

On the exercise session we went on an excursion to BABA (Baby brain activity) Center, which is a clinical research center. At this research center they focus on to understand how the brain functions emerge in babies and infants. Their mission is to understand the development of brain functions, how illness and other adversities affect infant brain development, recognize atypical brain development at infancy, develop new generation methods, and to serve as a hub of knowledge.  On our visit we got to hear about their projects, see some measurement devices and also hear about what a hospital physicist work with.


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