Seventh Week

Dear all,
During this week’s lecture we discussed about human auditory system. We learned how the sounds are first transformed into movement of the structures in the ear and how these movements are transformed into electrical signals. We also learned how the information is processed in the brain. We watched an interesting video about the audiovisual integration. In the video person’s face is shown as he repeats sound BAA and after that sound FAA. When watching the video it seemed that these two sounds are clearly different. It was interesting to learn afterwards that BAA and FAA sounds are actually identical and that apparent difference between the sounds is result of audiovisual integration.

During the exercise session we visited Elekta. Elekta provides equipment and software related to treatment of brain disorders and cancer. The excursion started with presentation about Elekta as a company but the main focus of the visit seemed to be magnetoencephalography (MEG) imaging technique. MEG measures magnetic signals produced by electrical currents in the brain. It is used to map neuronal activity. MEG is used in localization of the source of epileptiform brain activity in patients with epilepsy as well as in research of the brain function

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