Sixth Week

Dear all,
This weeks topic of the lecture was the human visual system. The lecture started once again with a quiz and the topics of the quiz was also about the human visual system.
The lecture started with the anatomy of the human eye and the organization of retina. There on we moved on how the visible light hyperpolarizes photoreceptors. Then we learned how about the different types of photoreceptors and the perception of colors. There we moved to ganglion cell receptive fields and learned how ganglion responses is produced by the differences of the center and surrounding receptive fields. On the lecture there was some nice examples of optical illusions demonstrating the “relativity” of the human colour perception.
The next parts of the lecture was about the central visual system and started with the visual pathways and continued to lateral geculate nucleus (LGN) and visual cortex. We learned how the output of retina is moved through visual pathway and how different deficits in optic nerves impairs parts of vision. We also learned how the retinal output is projected to different layers of the LGN depending on the ganglion cell types and retinal areas.
The exercises of this week where also mainly about the human visual system with the exeption of one question being about the localization of sound.


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