Third Week

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On the third week’s lecture we first continued the examination of action potentials. Then we continued how the action potential moves through the axon with the case of myalinated and un-myalinated axon. It was really interesting to learn about the different phases of action potential and how the phases make the current move forward and making it impossible to move in the other opposite direction. Then we continued to the axon terminal and learned how the the signal is transferred to another cell. We learned that there are two types of synapses: electrical synapses which transfer the ionic current directly through gap junctions to another cell, and chemical synapses where the axon terminal and post synaptict dendrite has cleft and the current is transferred by neurotransmitters to another cell. The lecture gave us a nice view of the movement of current in the central nervous system (CNS). We also learned about different arrangements, and different shapes and sizes of the synapses in the CNS.

In the exercise session we first glipsed through the correct answers of the mondays quizz. In the quizz there was multiple choice question about Alzheimer’s disease and all the answer options were actuall diseases, which where intresting to learn. After we went through the quizz we continued with exercises which pretty much revolved on topics of this weeks lecture.


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