Second week

Dear all,

Now we have had our second week with the course ”Structure and operation of the human brain” and this week we also had our first exercise lesson. At the normal lesson we got to hear about what a neuron consists of, an introduction to synapses and also about what mechanisms that works for keeping the concentration difference over the membrane.

As we came to the exercise lesson we got the task to build our own brain model with play dough. With different color of play dough we made the brain step by step. We started with the different parts of the brain stem, continuing with the cerebellum and last but not least cerebrum with its four different lobes. As we were building the brain we also got to hear about the functions of these different parts of the brain. This was a good way to learn about the brain anatomy and at the same time get an introduction in which part of the brain that works in which situation.

It will be interesting to get deeper into the brains function, for example how we are able to make memories or from where our personality and behavior origins. The brain is really an extraordinary tool for us.

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