Lecture 1

Dear all,
The first lecture of the course Structure and Operation of Human Brain started with everyone introducing themselves and telling why they chose this course. We had never done this in our previous courses and it was surprisingly interesting and motivating. We were excited to hear that there were students from many different majors.
Second half of the lecture concentrated the basics of structure and function of the brain as well as neuronal signaling. The topics covered where already familiar to us from our previous courses but it was still beneficial to revise them. We had interesting but short discussion about the different definitions of consciousness and we hope that we will return to this subject later during the course.
We also got some pre-reading material for the next lecture. In the material there was interesting discussion about whether we are actually able to fully understand the human brain or not since in brain research the system is studying itself. This is stimulating thought and it would be nice to hear what the lecturers of the course think about this. It is at the same time intriguing and scary thought that we would understand the brain fully since it would reveal the essence of who we are and we have to admit that we are not sure that we want know that. However, we do think that it is important to understand the brain better in order to help people with brain disorders.


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