Week8: (re-)wiring of the brain.

This week it was interesting to read how the brain “knows” how to build the internal connections during its development, but even more so how the connections in the brain might change during our lives. Even tough the brain plasticity is most active during childhood, the rewiring processes of the brain got me thinking, how it could be used for learning new skills, recovery from damage of a sense, or utilization of bionic prosthetics or additions to human body. Related to this, would it be possible to promote brain plasticity in older brain trough some directed stimulation?

Quikly taking look at the literaure and articles in the internet, one can find that for example playing music, exercise, meditation, and studying a new language have been presented as ways to promote brain plasticity. Also brain healthy foods and overall brain healthy, like getting enough sleep, contribute to the brain plasticity. Also psychedelic substances lice LSD and DMT have been studied to have positive impact on neuroplasticity, but may not be the first thing to go for when tying to improve learning due to their legal status. On the other hand things like stress and not getting enough sleep have been seen as destructional for neural plasticity.

It could be interesting to experiment and collect data of ones own learning abilities to see what kind of changes in daily habits are beneficial.

Posted by Eero Prittinen

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