Week 6, How our brain controls us

This week it was interesting to read, how the brain can chemically self regulate its behavior and how easily these turn in to actions in the human body. On my own experience, some of these actions can happen so automatically that I even barely think about why I do them. Like for example, when I get a glass of water from the kitchen, I don’t think why I do it, I just feel like I should do it.

Falling in to this kind of “Autopilot” state can have bad consequences. For example it is possibly one of the main reasons of people being over weight. If there was no carvings for unhealthy foods (as foods with high energy concentration), people would probably be more wise about what and how much they eat.

So, what would be the way to try to regulate these kinds of carvings? If we know the process that causes them in the first place, could we also try to trick the brain to get free of them with some way? Or should we just need to learn to resist our carvings?

Posted by Eero Prittinen

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