Week4: Sensory system, expanding outside our subjective experience of the world

This weeks subject was about how the taste, smell and the vision work. It was interesting to learn how the specialize sensory systems work in human body, as they essentially define, how we experience the world around us. This makes me think, what if the sensory systems would have developed to be totally different, and how would the world appear to us then? It is easy to find examples from nature, for example the infrared senses on some snakes, electrical senses of sharks, or magnetic senses on some birds. It has been explained, how these senses work, but how would having them would actually change the subject experience of the world?

For the brain the sensory input is just a bunch of electrochemical signals, which then are used to create the experience of the world around us. It also seems, that brain is fairly good at rewiring these signals to different processing cortexes, like when a blind person can “See” trough sound or touch interface. Then, what would happen if we somehow added another sense to our body? Would it somehow merge with the existing senses or become kind of unconscious feeling, or would nothing happen at all? And if we start at some point include these king of additional sensors to our body, will it start to change our brain to take more effectively advantage of the new senses?

Interesting talk about sensory substitution: https://youtu.be/4c1lqFXHvqI

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