Week 2: Neural Membrane at Rest and Action Potential

Although it’s only been two weeks I feel like we have already covered so much. One thing that has continually surprised me through this learning experience is just how much we know about the functions of the brain. The amount of detail of knowledge is truly mind blowing (pun intended). What I’m really curious to understand or find out is where does the road of knowledge end? What do we still not understand? As interesting as the topics have been so far I think that is where things will get truly interesting.

One question I had while reading through this week’s material was how does shock therapy work? It has become abundantly clear that electricity and charge differentials are a crucial component to the function and operation of the brain and nervous system. I am wondering how applying a large amount of electricity could have any benefits. I’m sure there is some reasoning behind it but from my perspective it’s hard to see how such a blunt application of electricity could have any therapeutic benefits.


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