The human brain is a remarkable thing – already the fact that we are using the very same organ to study it itself is quite unique! That’s one of the reasons why we are pretty pumped to get to study such a topic at Aalto.

We are Philipp and Laura, MSc. students in Finance, who are curious about learning how this “thinking-machine” works beyond the classical business study horizon. 

We are especially interested in understanding what scientific discoveries of the brain can teach us about behaviour of individuals in the world of business and finance. We have therefore decided to join our “Finance-Forces” and reflect on thoughts, links, and applications of the study of the human brain from a (Behavioral) Finance perspective in this blog.

We are currently both enrolled in the Behavioral & Sustainable Finance course at Aalto BIZ and hence studying a similar topic from two different perspectives. We hope that our blog posts can provide some enriching insights into how Business and Finance view and deal with the human brain and the behaviors, biases, and unknowns arising from it. And on the other hand, we hope to also explore what new realms are emerging in the intersection of brain and financial research, and what exciting possibilities might pop up because of this.