Review of Week 10

This week’s excursion was extremely interesting and gave a good view on what neuroimaging looks in reality. We liked that the excursion was extremely concrete on conducting research with neuroimaging. For example, they showed us some papers they need their subjects to fill and what kind of requirements the subject need to fill for being able to participate. One interesting thing that we had not actively thought that tattoos can be harmful in a fMRI. They could heat up because tattoo ink contains some metal and could cause severe burns. In addition, it was extremely nice to see concretely what kind of machines are used in the research and what they look like and how they are used. Especially, in the behavioral lab it was fun to see how the “lie detector” and the camera following eye movement works concretely, such as how to set the reference points to calibrate the machine.

What we still would like to know would be about the current development of neuroimaging device. The excursions and content of them have concentrated on how the machines work and how they are used in research but it would be nice to know if the current technology is good enough or are there constant development of the machines. So, are there any new devices in development phase or are there any new improvements coming for the imaging machines?


Maria, Väinö and Ruhoollah

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