NBE-E4210 week 4 Neurontransmitters

General: This week’s lecture and the book chapter were about different neurotransmitters, the enzymes that synthesize them, their reuptake, and receptors that are in the membrane of the postsynaptic neuron. Some neurotransmitters work as inhibitory agents some as excitatory. For example, some neurotransmitters can excite inhibitory synapses. These synapses redirect the action potential to the “common ground”. Some parts showed us some insight into civilization diseases like depression or Alzheimer’s disease. The book also pointed out the steps and methods of identifying neurotransmitters.


The lecture used some videos to help with visualization of the subject, which helped me to get a better grasp on the subject.

I had an idea about the possibility to teach people new skills through the use of neurotransmitters. By exciting and inhibiting certain synapses by certain neurotransmitters we could possibly store information in the human brain. This information could then be recovered using the same set of chemicals that were used during the teaching period.

PM:  I was really interested in how drugs, diseases, or diet can cause an imbalance in the actions of neurotransmitters (inhibitory, excitatory). For example, amphetamine and cocaine prolong the effects of catecholamines by restricting the reuptake. In my opinion, it is really important to know how neurological disorders and drugs affect neurons and neurotransmitters because that is the most effective way to understand and treat them. I also noticed that Ca2+ plays a crucial role in neural transmission. For example, it can activate enzymes in the postsynaptic neuron and set off the release of neurotransmitters in the presynaptic neuron.


In this lecture, it was slightly worrying to see how much do we as species know about ourselves and how easy would it be for someone with appropriate knowledge to simply let us all stop controlling our bodies.

This week my book finally arrived so now I can finally read about brain. I read the previous from laptop and it was horrible. I went through the structure of the brain because that is what we are supposed to do in our exercise. A Lot of things are in Latin there. I quite like it because in my Anathomy courses we could have decided if we want to study all the parts in latin or Czech so I understand some parts of it already. But I was kind of disappointed that the only live exercise was postponed. But I believe that Marko will be healthy soon.