Brain Evolution

The 2nd week had us building a model of a brain using play dough in our first exercise session. This is to help us memorize the rough structure and parts that make up a human brain. Each person created their own brain with varying degrees of success.

A subject that also came up was the evolutionary history of the brain. The lower part of the brain, the reptilian brain, is the oldest part of the three sections of the brain. It controls heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balancing among other things. As the name suggests, a similar structure is found in the brain of reptiles.

Mammals have a limbic brain section, which records memories for behavior which creates disagreeable and agreeable experiences or human emotions. Emotions of course also effect our conscious or unconscious judgment. The limbic system is located in the middle of the brain.

And finally in primates or humans you have the neocortex. This section of the brain houses the functions that makes us human, language, abstract thought, imagination, philosophy, consciousness and so forth. The learning capabilities of the brain and all that that entails are also found here, and it is by far the biggest area in human brains.


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