The Interdisciplinary World of Neuroscience

Welcome to the Brain Fog, a learning diary blog for the course Structure and Operation of Human Brain at Aalto University. This week we had our first lecture. Most of the lecture was about practicalities, introductions and technical problems, so we didn’t get very deep in the subject itself.

However, we were for example introduced to the different spatial and temporal scales of neuroscience, from single action potentials to entire brains and even human societies they form. There was also discussion about consciousness, mainly how the word has multiple meanings thus doesn’t have an exact definition.

The main message of the lecture was, perhaps, that the brain is a physical system, that can be studied with natural sciences. It was also evident, that this research can be made from many different perspectives and backgrounds. One of the lecturers is a physicist, the another one a psychologist. The students of the course come from many different fields too. The brain is a vast and complex topic and requires interdisciplinary approach.

As the first lecture, so will this first blog post be about introductions. Here are the three students behind this learning diary:

Mikko Luukinen, BSc, has a background in engineering physics and is now beginning his neuroscience studies. His driving motivation is a dream of becoming a cyborg and revolutionizing humanity. Mikko has also worked on the BREAKBEN project.

Meo Ekroos is finishing his Bachelor’s degree in bioinformation technology and now starting his Master’s program in Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering. He is in the field of technology out of both interest towards the world and passion for helping people. The question is, will he be of most help in the lab, beside a computer, or somewhere else, perhaps? Right now, he is a part of Finland’s team in the synthetic biology competition, iGEM.

Markus Tayar has studied physics for his Bachelor’s in Aalto University. He finds the idea of consciousness and how to influence it fascinating so he intends to major in Human Neuroscience and -technology. Another interest of his is nanotechnology, and some day he wishes to combine these topics to one in his line of work.


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