Week 9: The end of the lectures

Our this week’s contribution for the course was that we studied for the upcoming extra quiz. The topic of the quiz is motor functions and how they are controlled by the brain. Again some of the topic was familiar to us but this time we think we learned a lot. The book explained the neuronal connection from the spinal cord to the muscle in detail, that we have not encountered before. 

Next week, we don’t have a lecture. Instead, we have an excursion. We are waiting for the excursion to Aalto NeuroImaging (ANI) infrastructure with anticipation. There we are introduced to magnetic resonance imaging and the Aalto Behavioral Lab. Although we think that most of the things there are familiar to us, it is exciting to be able to see the labs in real life. I hope these excursions really help us introduce us to the working life of life science.

The second period is in the middle already, and we are supposed to start studying for the upcoming exam. Some things are worrying us, like are we supposed to memorize every part of the whole structure of the brain. We think that understanding the functioning of the brain is more important knowing the structure of it.

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