Excursion and Two Deadlines

This week’s lecture/quiz topic was about wiring of the brain. The book introduced how brain cells divided, migrate and differentiate to form the network called the brain. It also covered the elimination of synapses and how synapses change during a lifetime. This week we also had two exercise deadlines and one of us had enough time to return them.  


This weeks excursion was in Cognitive Brain Research Unit (CBRU) in Meilahti. The topic seemed interesting beforehand and the excursion went ok. First they showed us the laboratory and told about taking measurements using an EEG. This time there wasn’t an IRL presentation of how EEG worked but it was ok, because there wasn’t that much room in the lab. The other part was a lecture about the history of the CBRU and some of the research they had conducted. There was an example on children and their ability of learning languages with or without hearing music. The other example was about using music and singing in treating elderly people with memory related deceases. This week’s excursion wasn’t as interesting as last week’s because this excursion wasn’t as business related as the excursion to Nexstim, but it offered an interesting insight of the kind of research that is conducted in Meilahti.

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