Week 7: Excursion

This week, the lecture covered the human auditory system. The auditory system is very complicated, relying on many parts of the ear and the connections to the brain. Tonotopy and the processing of different frequencies in the brain sound complex. Why isn’t there much more processing happening in the ear, just like retinal processing in the eye?

This week, there was an excursion to Nexstim in Helsinki. The company focuses on transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which means the stimulation of the brain by magnetic fields induced to the brain. TMS can be used to map the cortical areas controlling certain functions, for example the motoring. We had a simple presentation of this in which a subject was stimulated in the area that controls the movement of the fingers, and we saw that the stimulation caused a response in the finger.

The excursion was fascinating, and we learned a lot from the visit. Manufacturing medical devices and getting them to be approved in the United States is really complicated and requires a lot of bureaucracy, which surprised us. We also met one of students from our study programme, and we asked about experiences from the company. The company seemed really nice, maybe we’ll post our job applications there as soon as they have open vacancies.

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