Week 6: Exam week is coming

Last week (we forgot to post this on time…) we did not do much for the course, because of the upcoming exam week. One of us participated in the lecture and the other did the quiz at home, and that was all we did for the course last week, because we preferred to read for the exams.  

The lecture was about neurotransmitter systems, which were covered in chapter 15 of the book. For example acetylcholinergic, dopamine and serotonic pathways were covered. These were already familiar to us from high school, but the book went way further in the topic. 

Last quiz was a little confusing because it had some questions about things that were not covered in the given chapter. For example, there was a question about hemostasis rather than homeostasis. The assistant saw this error and figures out how to deal with this problem.

We are excited about the coming excursions. We’re wondering what kind of companies or laboratories we are going to visit, and perhaps spot a future job there. It would be great if we visited some big companies like Philips, where they could show us their MRI scanners, but it would also be cool to visit some small businesses related to biomedical engineering.

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