Week 4

This weeks lecture started, again, with a recap of what we had already read about from the book. We are not sure what to think about that kind of learning concept. We would like to learn new things at the lecture, but on the other hand, the recap is great for preparing for the final exam. 


The receptive fields introduced in the lecture confused us a little. Even though we read about this concept after the lecture, we still aren’t sure how this phenomenon functions. There was so much different little details to learn so we haven’t grasped the concept wet. Maybe next week we’ll stay a little longer in the lecture. 


This week, neither of us could make it to the exercise session, so we have no idea what happened there, but we worked on the exercise 2. It was about the structure of the brain, and one of the reasons why one of us came to the course. Although the exercise consisted of learning the brain parts by heart, there were little info boxes that explained a little about what the brain parts did. That was useful in remembering all of the brain parts. It was also very time consuming work and it will continue on the next week.

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