Mysteries of the brain: Second week

This weeks lecture was about chapter 3 and 4. It covered neuronal membrane and action potential. We both had studied the chapter 3 for the quiz and the lecture felt like a repetition of what we had just studied. That is why both of us left the lecture at the break. 

This week we mostly read the course book. We read the chapters 4 and 5 which were about action potential and synaptic transmission. Both of them were already familiar to both of us, but still we learned new things. For example the electrical synapses were a new thing for us. 

Chapter 4 covered the details of action potential. When a nerve fires an action potential (otherwise known as a spike), there is inward and outward movement of positive ions, potassium and sodium. This movement of ions creates an electrical current, which propagates along the axon of the neuron like a domino effect.

Chapter 5 revealed the mysteries of different kinds of synapses. Like said before, we didn’t know much about electrical synapses before. We also learned about different neurotransmitters released in chemical synapses. 

Even though the things discussed so far in the course have already been taught to us in previous courses, we think it is a good thing to recap the basics before diving into the deep end of the pool. Still, we already want to study the more interesting mysteries about the brain.

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