Week 8

This week’s topic was chapter 11: the auditory system and the vestibular system. The quiz had questions about both topics, but the lecture only covered the auditory system. Exercises 3 has questions about the eye and taste and the last question is about sensory prostheses. It was nice to do some research about devices that helps people to live life.

I know there can be problems with the vestibular system. For example, when getting up or sudden head turns, you start to feel dizzy. I was wondering if the vestibular system can be so damaged that it is impossible to stay up so that you have to lie/sit down all the time. Or is there some other mechanism that takes place when the vestibular system possibly gets so badly damaged that a person can’t live her/his life properly.

BioIT students have taken a course about physiology in bachelor studies, so all the basic contents were clear. “A new” thing is to learn all terms in English or in Latin.  Also, after this week we have a deeper understanding of what is happening in the brain during the hearing process. The lecture had interesting audiovisual examples. We didn’t think that there can be a similar connection between hearing and seeing like that there is between taste and smell.

It is important to know the physiology of hearing because with deeper knowledge it is possible to create new hearing devices for people with bad hearing.