Summary of period 1 and some thoughts about period 2

The first part of this course included lectures, one exercise session, one virtual excursion, and one workshop. Part of the lectures is a quiz about chapters that are that day’s lectures topics. We think that the time limit is too short. We don’t have enough time to think with time and we are forced to rush through the questions. We think it would be better for learning if there would be more time, so we have also time to check our answers. The deadline for the quiz could be for example on Monday evening at 23.00.

Last week of period 1 we had a brain anatomy workshop. There we made brains out of modeling clay. The brain model had three parts/structures: brain stem, cerebellum, and cerebrum. It was a nice and different learning event that we are used to.

The virtual excursion (ANI) was interesting and provide us an opportunity to see where the knowledge from this course can be used in real life. We look forward to the next excursion to the BABA center. We have heard a little bit about the BABA center before and now we can learn more about what researchers are doing there. The BABA center is a place where we could imagine ourselves working some day.