This week’s lecture topic was neurotransmitter systems. For this week there was also scheduled an exercise session about brain anatomy that unfortunately is postponed. The exercise session meaning I think was to cover one chapter of the book that goes through the brain anatomy. Also, it is good for learning outcomes that there is a quiz that can be used for learning the structure of the brain. Although it is more effective to do your own flashcards there are so many pictures, so it is very nice that someone has done that for us.


Everything in this week was new to us. We had heard only a few names of neurotransmitters, but that was all. This course stuff is very detailed, and our biggest concern is how we are going to learn everything on time, and we are also wondering how big role the details have or is it more important to learn basic principles. We really liked the last part of lecture 4 where was discussed if opioids play role in social bonding. That brought a question to our discussion: is there any ongoing research that focuses on changes in the behavior of neurotransmitters caused by time with Covid19 for example when there has been not that much interaction with other people and our life has been quite limited. We know that for example there is more depression compared to time with no Covid19. And how the changes in the social behavior due to Covid19 have changed the behavior of neurotransmitters.