Third week

This week’s topic is about synaptic transmission.


We are already extensively familiarized with the inner workings of synaptic transmission. Our knowledge was acquired during previous classes and with the added material provided to us by the coursebook. However throughout the lecture we were able to further our understanding of the subject at hand.


We were able to recall the synthesis and storage of different types of neurotransmitters. You see, it was not something really present in our memory, maybe because we did not remember it or maybe it was something we did not learn too deeply about.


I really enjoyed the journey to have a better grasp over the excitatory and inhibitory functions. These mechanisms allow things to happen depending on the transmitter and receptor of the postsynaptic membrane. For example, the excitation of AMPA leads to a faster process of excitation and the GABA-A receptor to a faster inhibition.


I would really like to understand better why and how a lot of drugs have an effect on the synapse. Our brain controls every activity in our body, it sustains us. It is the most important and most complex part of our body. It is like a little universe aching for discovery in our head. This lecture allowed me to gain even more knowledge on it and helped me remember how much passion I have for neuroscience.