Week 2

This week’s topics were neuron, action potential, equilibrium potential, and conduction velocity. Most of the topics were familiar to us from previous courses. We already knew quite well the structure of neuron cells. But we learned more deeply how action potential works. We thought that the exercises were a good add-on to lectures. In the coursebook, there are very interesting “of special interest” boxes. Those boxes give more real-life examples of why things we go through are important. It would be nice to hear things like that in lectures also. It is important to know the structure and function of nerve cells because it is the basis for the functioning of the entire nervous system. We think this is a topic that is easy to understand but hard to remember all the different phases that action potential includes. It was nice also to have one calculation in the exercise sheet. We wondered that there may not be that many calculations task during this course. We thought that it would be interesting to know more about neurotoxins and is there any “good” way to use them for example in small amounts.