Excursions to ANI and FIOH

This week there were excursions to ANI (Aalto Neuroimaging Infrastructure) and to FIOH (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health). All the machines shown in the ANI were somewhat familiar for me and especially the TMS, but I did not have a clear image on what the FIOH does.

I had not seen beforehand most of the machines shown in the ANI. Especially the MRI and TMS seemed to link clearly to this course, because one can be used to image the brain and other to stimulate it. I know that the MRI-images are sometimes used to create a plan for the navigated TMS in the patient use. How about in research? Are the ANI-infrastructures machines used commonly together?

It was interesting to learn how the FIOH studies the sleep using the electrooculography. I have never prior thought that the sleep quality and phases could be monitored like that. I have only heard of sleep monitoring using EEG and heart rate. What else other than sleep could be monitored with EOG?

In was discussed in the FIOH that it is not known how the shift work affects the quality of sleep.  Why the subject is not studied more? How could this be studied the best?

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