Auditory System

I have had some physiology courses prior, but I had never thought of just how good human hearing is. The dynamic range is huge. The ears have small but complex mechanical systems.

One thing I thought was especially interesting was the role of the outer hair cells. I was surprised that there could be system which would function in a such a manner. The fact that they can act as amplificator by changing their length according to the vibrations of sound was interesting. How they can they adapt to changes in the frequencies? It would be intriguing to learn how such a mechanism has developed.

I had always thought that the sound locating is only based of sound intensity differences between ears. It is fascinating that the ears can notice very small interaural delays and the brain can process them correctly. Also, the phase locking as a concept and its function in the sound location, was entirely new information to me.

The videos shown in lectures showed the relationships between sound and vision. It was interesting how the visuals can effect on how the noise is interpreted by the brain.

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