Neurotransmitter chemistry, responses and response times

In my prior studies, the neurotransmitter chemistry and responses were only briefly introduced. I had no idea how complex the small molecular sized system could be. There is a lot of different receptor subtypes, agonists, antagonists and complex responses, and the whole system works in a combination of divergent and convergent elements.

It made me wonder, how much there is still to be found in the neurotransmitter chemistry area. I know that today there are a lot of incurable neuro-related diseases. Is it possible to one day cure them all? How the complex neurological network can be modelled? What is the role of kainate receptors? Could the glia cells have an unknown role in transmission process?

It was interesting to learns that the Alzheimer’s diseases mechanisms are somewhat knowns, and the memory loss can be decreased with the inhibition of ACh breaking enzymes. In the future, is it possible to prevent the cause of Alzheimer’s disease, which is loss of cholinergic neurons?

In the exercise it was interesting to learn more about altering the CNS, and about the reaction times. The reaction time test was fun to do and it was interesting to notice how much the results varied.

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