Week 11 learning diary by A&A

This week’s lecture handled mental illnesses. I think it was good that it was clarified right in the beginning that there aren’t actually separate disorders for the brain and the mind, since often those two are separated in less scientific circles. The costs caused by mental disorders was surprisingly high, especially considering that the number is at least at the moment growing all the time and will probably continue to do so in the future as well. Developing treatments for mental illnesses would really help both the people suffering from them and the economy.

Most of the topics covered on the lecture were new to us, for example the neural pathways and neurotransmitters that are connected to mental illnesses. It was also surprising to hear that it’s more common for women to develop mental disorders. At the end of the lecture there was an interesting conversation about video games that can help with mental illnesses, and how a video game had been used to help enhance eyesight.

We weren’t able to participate in this week’s exercise session, but the exercises seemed interesting. The tasks about drugs that affect the CNS and designing an experiment will definitely be educational once we get around to doing them.