Week 10 learning diary by A&A

This week’s lecture was full of new information that hadn’t been covered before, and unfortunately we hadn’t been able to prepare for it properly which made the quiz more difficult as well. The topics were quite interesting anyway, and there were many good videos shown during the lecture. We found the video about how axons find their target neuron based on their proteins especially intriguing. There was also some interesting conversations during the lecture about what happens in the brain when a person loses a limb or some sense. It is very fascinating how the brain adapts to those kinds of situations. Also the Hebb hypothesis was interesting and the concept of “cells that fire together, wire together” and vice versa those that don’t, lose their link was interesting. In general we are very much liking the fact that we can attend the lectures live on campus once again.

There was no exercise session, and we didn’t feel like we need 1-on-1 support so during the week we just looked at the exercise 3 tasks, although we weren’t able to answer all of them yet. The questions are quite interesting though, and I hope some of them will be covered on lectures or other exercise sessions in the future.