Week 9 learning diary by A&A

This week’s lecture handled the human auditory system. It was also the first lecture we attended on campus in over a year so that was very nice too. The structure of the ear itself was familiar to us, but the specific functions of each part were interesting to learn. A fascinating thing that stuck out to us from the lecture was how the visual system can deceive our auditory system. Maybe other senses can have a similar effect as well? At the end of the lecture there was also an interesting conversation about how deafness can result from different types of auditory system impairments, and how maybe one day technology could replace a defective sensory system.

The exercise session was only for asking questions about the exercises themselves so there isn’t much to write about it. The exercise questions seem interesting although we haven’t had time to properly answer them yet. Especially the questions about how different people can taste the same thing in different ways and sensory prostheses seemed intriguing. In any case it is nice to have essay-type questions once in a while, since the tasks in most courses we have revolve around MATLAB or calculating in general.