Week 8 learning diary by A&A

This week’s lecture was about neurotransmitters. The lecture contained a lot of details about hormones and receptors. Most of the content was new to us. We found the videos which were shown during the lecture educational. It was nice to see some of the pathways for the hormones in the brain. We found it useful that the parts of the brain had become familiar in exercise two which helped in understanding the pathways better.

During the week we still worked on exercise two. We found writing the essay a bit difficult, but in the end it still was educational. The quiz part was useful and pretty interesting too.

We also had a virtual excursion to the BABA center. It was interesting to see multiple different methods that are used to observe and examine infants. We think that it is important to have specific research center for infants since researching and examining babies is so different compared to adults. In the excursion we were shown different kinds of products for monitoring the health of babies, like an EEG hat, actipants and a smart jumpsuit. The MAIJU-project was really interesting and it seemed like there could be a lot of use for it.

During the excursion there was an interesting conversation about what are the methods used in case an abnormality is found during an infant’s development. In the answer the importance of the adapting the environment to suit the baby’s healthy development became clear. We thought that this makes sense.