Week 4 learning diary by A&A

This week’s lecture continued on the topic of neurotransmitters. The information was mostly new, and there was quite a lot of it so some of it didn’t immediately become clear, but visiting the lecture slides and book later when there is more time will surely help with that. The videos shown in the lecture were informative, and made the topics at least a bit easier to understand. Hopefully there will be more videos in the future as well, since they provide a refreshing change of pace compared to the usual text and image based powerpoint lectures.

There was no exercise session this week, so the time spent working on this course was this week was less compared to previous weeks. Due to a large workload from other courses we haven’t had time to read the next chapter from the book properly so the next quiz might be somewhat difficult, but hopefully we will still be able to keep up with the lecture. The virtual excursion planned for next week seems interesting though. As a matter of fact, I happened to visit the MEG-core just this week as a volunteer for a research done by a master’s student. It will be interesting to see the other facilities as well even if only virtually.