Week 3 learning diary by A&A

This week the main focus of the quiz and lecture was on synapses and synaptic transmission. Most of the content was new to us, some basic knowledge on synapses was familiar from earlier courses, like the structure and components, but for example the synaptic transmission itself was completely new information. While chemical synapses were at least somewhat familiar to us, we hadn’t heard of electrical synapses before. As former electrical engineering students, we found them interesting, but their use in the human nervous system didn’t become quite clear to us.

There was no exercise session this week, so we instead focused on finishing the exercise 1. We found it good to revisit some of the older chapters and revise the earlier topics. The exercise was educational except for the fourth task, which we didn’t quite understand. Maybe it would have been good if the exercise session had been recorded, so we could have watched the tips for that task again.

Then we started taking a look at chapter 6 of the book, as it will be the topic next week. It continues handles neurotransmitter systems and as such naturally from this week’s topic which is nice. Having something to base the new information off of makes learning easier and more interesting. In general we have found the course book so far well written and easy to keep up with which in turns gives better motivation to keep reading it.