Week 2 learning diary by A&A

Learning diary for week 2

This week we had the second lecture and the first exercise session for this course. The beginning of the lecture continued from the previous week’s topic, the structure of the neuron. We found the recap useful, since the topic is quite essential to handle properly. The latter half of the lecture dealt with the transport of ions through the neuronal membrane. Most of the topics were somewhat familiar to us from earlier courses. One thing we were left wondering, was whether other cells act differently from neurons, and which senses cause activity in neurons?

The exercise session started off by going through the questions that were asked in the quiz. Being able to see the correct answers and ask more about the questions we found confusing or difficult was great. The exercise questions themselves required us to rely on the course book as well as the lectures, which was nice, since since it helped us revise other topics at the same time.

So far this course has been very interesting, but also quite different from what we have been used to. In our bachelor program course books weren’t important, and most of the content was based on physics and mathematics. We think it’s nice to have a course for change, where the problems can be approached through biology and logical reasoning instead of just physics formulas.